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IRIS®Stationary Bowl Spiral Mixers

IRIS Spiral Dough Mixer - continuing Empire’s tradition of reliable spiral mixers. Whether you’re backing artisan doughs, pizzas or bagels this spiral mixer is the perfect fit.

Building on the reliability and versatility of Empire’s traditional spiral mixers, the IRIS offers precision mixing controls, front facing control panel, and a coordinated 2-speed spiral and bowl rotation system. These features allow for optimal ingredient blending, quicker mixing times, higher output, consistency, and versatility even in tight spaces. With this level of durable construction, top level engineering and high end features the IRIS Stationary Bowl Spiral Mixer will provide the best end product every time.

  • Front Mounted Controls Provide Easy Access in Tight Spaces
  • 2-Speed Spiral and Bowl Drive for Precision Mixing Control
  • Reversible Bowl Rotation Helps Facilitate Ingredient Blending and Dough Development
  • Dual Timers with Automatic Low to High Changeover
  • Stainless Steel Bowl, Spiral Arm, and Breaker Bar
  • Bowl Guard available in two styles: Solid ABS Plastic or Stainless Steel Grid
  • Safety Interlock Prevents Operation with Guard Open
  • Double Pulley Transmission Drives Arm and Bowl for Quiet Operation and Low Maintenance
  • Mounted on Three Casters for Easy Mobility and Cleaning
  • Choice of Color Available: Silver or Beige

All Models 208V / 3 PH / 60 Cycle
(Other voltages are available)

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